2 month update

Our baby is a huge 9 weeks old.  For 2 whole months we’ve managed to keep alive and relatively happy, I think, a human being. Nothing has been broken, he’s still in one piece and he seems to be doing all the things that a 9 week old baby should be doing according to the various apps that give me daily updates. I still can’t believe it sometimes if I’m honest though, that I’m a parent, that we are Mummies. It feels surreal and even though so much has happened in the last 9 weeks it’s both overwhelming and exciting that we’re just at the tip of the Parenthood Iceberg.

So, what have we learned about The Boy in these 2 months?

His personality is very much starting to evolve. He’s head strong for sure, if he doesn’t want to do something he won’t do it. Even if he really really needs to. For example, sleep. It doesn’t matter that his eyelids keep closing or that he hasn’t napped for 4 hours. If The Boy doesn’t want to sleep, then the The Boy does not sleep. I feel like this stubborn quality of his is here to stay.

He’s a quick learner. Okay, so I know everyonnnne talks about how great their little human is and how advanced they are, I’ve witnessed these conversations at The Baby Group but hey, that’s for another blog post! But honestly guys, when I say that this kid is advanced I well and truly mean it. From the very ripe age of just 1 day old, The Boy has been lifting his head well and truly up and holding it with conviction. As the weeks have gone by he’s learned how to sit up almost unsupported, how to almost roll himself over and how to push his strong little drumstick legs up to stand. He looks and acts like a baby that is older than his weeks. Woohoo roll on the crawling stage. Not.

We’ve also realised that he does a great impression of a baby being murdered when he’s hungry. Or has trapped wind. Or is overtired. I mean he literally goes from zero to one thousand in 0.3seconds. I’ve never seen a baby sleep so peacefully and then wake up enraged because he’s decided he wants his bottle. Approximately 2 hours after his last bottle. Feed on demand they say, it’s good for them they say. Hmm, I don’t know how good it is for the parents. I feel like I’m chained to our steriliser!

Finally, I’ve learned to expect the unexpected. I’ve learned that babies are so delicate but much tougher than we think. I’ve learned that one illness can easily clear up and allow room for another one. I.e The Boy’s colic seems to have cleared up but hello to reflux now! On that note though, I have also learned that GP’s wing it when it comes to babies just as much as the parents do. At the end of the day, we all just have our fingers crossed and are hoping that The Kid stays alive and well until adulthood. If we can master that then I will finally believe that we’ve completed the course in Parenting and should be given our diplomas. A lifetime supply of Gin as a reward would be nice too.giphy-downsized-large

Peace and Love




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